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Thread: Need help changing save game BLUS to BLES?

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    sensemille Guest

    Need help changing save game BLUS to BLES?


    I need helping changing a save file for Ni No Kuni from BLUS to BLES. I've been trying to do it myself but with little luck

    If there is anyone that knows how to do this and is willing to help me out, I would be forever in your debt

    I really want to finish this game but my previous BLUS file doesn't work now... and it's such a long game, i really don't feel like starting over

    Please help me out! You can play my save as well !

    Thanks in advance!

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    drphuz Guest
    Why can't you just download the bruteforce save game data with ps3tools and change it and resign it. Should work fine. You can do more than just cheat with that app. Lol

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    Jitsuryoku Guest
    Hah, I can gave bruteforce data a try, but no guarantees that it will work though

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