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Thread: Need help building PS3 NOR?

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    apocalypticdoom Guest

    Need help building PS3 NOR?

    Hello everybody, my friend just brought over his bricked ps3, it looks like he flashed a bad dump, i hooked up my flasher and soldered the sbe to the tristate on the motherboard, i was able to get 3 backups, all looked bad.

    i looked over all the per console info and compared it to the wiki, it looks like i will be able to build a nor and get my buddy's ps3 back up and running i just need a little bit of help on how to do this or if someone will help me fix these backups, Thanks!

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    racer0018 Guest
    Post the backup on a file sharing site and then send me the link and I will see what I can do. Thanks.

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    apocalypticdoom Guest
    i have another ps3 of the same model cech2501a i can get a backup from that within multiman and use that backup as my nor by filling in all the correct per console info with HxD

    Here is the backup ( its from a CECH-2501a i have another console here that is the same model, from what i read i can retrive a backup from the working ps3 and use that as my nor by filling in all the correct per console info from that backup that i just posted correct?

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    racer0018 Guest
    It does have a lot of the information there that it needs however why is some of the dump byte reversed and some of it is not. How did this happen? While looking at the dump it should all have to be byte reversed cause it came out of the flasher and that unit doesn't do it for you. So did you dump this or did he do it. thanks

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    apocalypticdoom Guest
    this was a dump that i got from the console they all come out like this, i have a good backup from a console that is from the same model i can send to you and we can use that one as the nor

    Here is the backup that i pulled from my working console that's the same model cech-2501a

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    racer0018 Guest
    They don't come like that one. I know cause I have downgraded alot of ps3s and this is the first one I have seen where part of the dump didn't byte reverse but some of it did. I will have to look at it more tomorrow cause my little ones are need of story time. Thanks.

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    apocalypticdoom Guest
    alright no problem let me know tomorrow thank you! Hey any luck with that Racer?

    Anybody have any experience with fixing bad dump? Anyone know how to fix bad PS3 dump?

    Hey i need some help trying to fix this dump in HxD but no luck so far (

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    racer0018 Guest
    I have been working on it but it takes time there is a lot of bytes to look at in your dumps. Thanks.

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