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    Need to get Blu-Ray movie on iPhone...

    Okay so I am going on a trip and I really need to be able to content myself with some good flicks on my iPhone. I have read about what the iphone uses and its h.264 and aac-lc. I ripped superbad on blu-ray and demuxed the m2ts to the h.264 file and the ac3 file. I tried to convert the ac3 to aac using besweet but i dont think it worked. then i tried to mux them together using vlc, but for some reason nothing i try works! Please could someone explain to me how to get a raw m2ts file on iphone? thanks alot!

    sorry to double post, but btw could anyone please tell me how to convert a 1080p mkv into 720?

    Please! My trip is in two days and it is for three weeks I really need to convert this!

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    Look at jodix for converting movies to iphone format. It's quick, simple to use and free.

    There is a version of VLC coming soon for the phone it's in beta at the moment

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