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    need Castlevania help?

    Hi all !

    I want to know clearly which FW is exist on Castlevania Lod of Shadow game dics. 3.41 or 3.42 ? I want to play this game directly not copy to HDD.

    thanks for any help

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    It only needs 3.41 if you are unsure about your copy put it in the drive and start the game if it plays you are fine. If it says a system update is required, quit.

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    need Castlevania help?

    Hi all !

    my game dics is asian version (BLAS-50248). it require 3.42 when i try to play. i've heard that this game only require 3.41. May be it is early US or EU shipment. And now sony add 3.42 to later shipment.

    My PS3 is 3.41 so can i play Castlevania without jailbreak and copy to HDD to play ? i want to know clearly which FW is on this game disc ? my game disc i 3.42 (asian version). The US and EU version is 3.41 or 3.42 ?

    thank you very much

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    so how are you gonna copy it to hd? ofc you need it jail broken and 3.41 you can delete the update folder after its added but the game as of now and the foreseeable future works fine.

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