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Thread: need atmel atmega32 12mghz hex file help?

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    sarslanali Guest

    need atmel atmega32 12mghz hex file help?

    I m a newbie in this jailbreak scene. Few days ago I bought a usb device. Everything is working fine but when i update the device to hermes v4 or v4b, the games does not start. Actually the i downloaded Enslaved, dmc4 and blur from net but all of them end up in black screen.

    Also i want hex file for atmega32 pl3 or hermes v4b doesn't matter but the problem is my device is 12mghz and all the hex files on net are for 16mghz please help.

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    snoekie Guest
    You need to recompile the sources, after modifying them. There is bound to be a constant that defines the clock speed.

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