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Thread: Need advise should i update to 3.41 and lose otheros?

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    niceguy167 Guest

    Need advise should i update to 3.41 and lose otheros?

    I am needing some advise. I have bought a ps3 and the current firmware is low.... Very low... like 1.50 low. I am hoping for advise on what to do. I have been reading tons and there is mixed issues. I would like to maybe run backups of my ps2 and ps3 games using a PS Jailbreak (maybe).

    From reading it seems i cannot go online with my games that i currently have because i don't have anything near 3.41 and as for ps2 backups it does not seam to matter if i have 3.41. However there is advantages of having the otheros like Linux, virtual os and other various features that seams appealing to me. I guess my real question is will the PS jailbreak work on any other firmware or does it have to be 3.41?

    and as for the online thing i dont think any of the bypass proxyies are working? correct me if i am wrong.


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    You will need 3.41 for PS JailBreak, and honestly if you plan to use PSJB it's "safe" to update to 3.41 anyway. If you don't wish to jump on the PS3 JailBreak bandwagon though, then I would recommend keeping it on it's current Firmware version, but of course you won't be able to access PSN or play online then.

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    djhazardous Guest
    wait until you have a ps jailbreak in yer mits and read by the hundreds of posts about it working before you do.

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    aamir007 Guest
    I would advise you to keep put till you buy a PS Jailbreak (but download the 3.41 update and keep it secure in the event it becomes unavailable on the net) and once you buy it upgrade to 3.41. You won't be able to play PS2 games currently unless you have a 60gb model but i'm use the Devs will release something soon usable on PS Jailbreak. If your going to play online then i would update then but make sure you don't update ahead or else you will lose the function but there are many tutorials on this forum which shows you how to bypass the update and play online.

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    Frago Guest
    Boss in 3.15 the psjailbreak working because i don't want lose otheros, i think this is one of the special features that keep the ps3 alive and separate from others consoles.

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    From what I've read, you need 3.41 to use PS JailBreak... whether it works with some issues/errors on Firmware versions before that I can't say, but once CJPC receives his (or others here) we will know for sure.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Well the choice is your's buddy, if you're desperite to play backups then update to 3.41 or maybe 3.15 will work but if your not then wait and see how things develop.

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