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Thread: Need 5v point to finish infectus install

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    idone Guest

    Need 5v point to finish infectus install

    The point on PAL mobo's for 5vcc is not present on US NTSC mobo.

    Can anyone provide this point.

    Infectus team does not have a US board to find this point.

    Picture would be appreciated


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    Heinrich004 Guest
    Maybe this links could help in some way:

    Euro ps3 and USA ps3:

    Here we have some good articles and pics about motheboard ps3:

    MOBO ps3 20/60GB USA is same as japanese version:

    Here can help more:

    (the problem is the money need to get this schematic ps3)

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    dijitalxyz Guest
    why not use ext +5volt?

    I use with infectus2 ext power +3volt

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