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    need 3.41 download help?

    hey all, just wondering if i need 3.41 to jb my new ps3 slim. it has 3.40 is it ok to leave that.. i have ps3 break v1.1.. also in the downloads section on this site there is 3.41 (usa) i am in australia... will this be ok or do i need the aus or eur version.. thanks

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    I would update to 3.41 which is what most JailBreak devices work best with as that was the original version for the exploit they use.

    Also, that FW will be fine... it's the same MD5 as the EU/AU/etc PS3 3.41 Firmware the only reason we label it as US is because that is the server it came from but they are all the same and work for all regions.

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