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Thread: NBA2K11 question?

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    BIGBOSS1983 Guest

    NBA2K11 question?

    Hi guys, I couldn't get the game to work when I downloaded it and I used Comgenies app to transfer it to my external. So I rented a copy of the game and I want to copy it with the new open manager 1.16. How should I do this? Should I install it to internal or external? I am using the TI-84+ with hermes V3.

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    marc2590 Guest
    I think both internal and external work but you must have a game in the PS3 in order to play it

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    BIGBOSS1983 Guest
    Hi, thanks. When I choose the copy method, do I copy it in patched mode or normal?

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    marc2590 Guest
    Normal mode hermes v3 eliminates the need for patch mode in order to copy/run games that need it

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    Slynke Guest
    I'm currently running PS3Key v2.1 (Hermes v1 I believe) with Open Manager 1.16, and am running NBA2K11 (ripped myself) without a disc. I ripped in Normal mode to internal hdd, running it in Patched mode (without Patched, controller doesn't respond. Still boots).

    Hope this helps!

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