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Thread: NBA 2K13 PS3 DLC BLES to BLUS help?

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    hianbenween Guest

    NBA 2K13 PS3 DLC BLES to BLUS help?

    i just edited my nba 2k13 bles01713 to Blus31028. then when im repacking in cygwin i got an error saying:

    "[PARAM.SFO Check]: PS3_SYSTEM_VER entry is required. illegal package: param.sfo check fail Registration Error."

    i don't know what is the problem i edited the app version.

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    Liongooder Guest
    You can download the original BLUS31028 PARAM.SFO & EBOOT then just copy & overwrite. in case you didn't find the BLUS eboot you can install the BLUS DLC & keep your BLES game, How? ok once you install the BLUS DLC, go to Multimans file manager (START+SELECT to get to file manager) once you get there enter PS3 root/dev_hdd0/game,now find the BLUS31028 folder in this directory. copy the USERDIR folder to BLES01713 & voila.

    where to find Original EBOOTS? here:

    i am so sorry for this late reply, cause i'm not the same since my car accident a roll over car crash & i hope i'll get better with time
    have a nice day.

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