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Thread: NAS and PS3?

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    hnguy Guest

    Question NAS and PS3?

    I'm thinking of getting a NAS, the western digital my book. would the ps3 be able to read and play the videos off that?

    I'm thinking of connecting it to my network as a standalone device.

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    IanJ Guest
    You need to set up a DLNA for the PS3 to recognise the vids. I have a linksys NSLU2 with the unslung custom firmware installed. This allows me to run the NAS functionality on 2 ext hdd's plus Twonky media can stream to my PS3s. I know the custom firmware is available for a number of NAS on the market.

    Here is the wiki for my unslung. Have a read at some of the other links for other drives that can be 'hacked'

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