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Thread: NAS as Multimedia Center on PS3 ?

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    Gringo Guest

    NAS as Multimedia Center on PS3 ?

    I want to use a NAS on my PS3, and i like the LaCie Network Space, the Black version it look very cool, but i don't know nothing, if it can be visible from the console side.

    I have a Router Netgear DG834GT i want to use the nas in Network from PC e PS3 side like a Media Store for Movie, Music ....

    Someone know if the PS3 can Work in this Way ?

    Link to the product:

    I don't speak a good english (i'm Italian sorry)

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    cyberbob Guest
    Your lacie storage will work because it use UPnP. The ps3 find and play well Nas UPnP so you can enjoy it.

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    Gringo Guest
    Thanks cyberbob for reply, the upnp work for the DivX ?

    i have read something about a need of WMP11 support inside the NAS for work, i don't want to spend for 1T of storage and after, found they dos't work.

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    cyberbob Guest
    Yes of course, UPnP works also for divx. Don't wory, NAS work great on PS3 if you use of course compliant files.

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    SiliconKnight Guest
    UPnP/DLNA isnt a video format, its a control format. What DLNA does is "announce" a given hard drive to a UPnP/DLNA compatible "rendered" (in this case the PS3). Its up to the renderer (ps3) to support whatever formats the content on the drive is in. As long as the PS3 is compadible with the formats your files are in your hard drive will show up in on the XMB and you can browse the files.

    Things you may want to keep in mind is the size of the files and the method of transport. For example you wont be streaming DVD/BluRay quality movies over WiFi but you can running wired at Gigabit.

    Anyhow, thats just a bit more info on UPnP/DLNA.


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