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Thread: NAND chip question

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    bugazila Guest

    NAND chip question

    I have a 60GB unit that I am peacemealling together for the fun of tinkering. The unit works well except for the fact that it does not play games or read discs. I have tried playing game demos with the following results; I start the demo, the Playstation 3 splash screen comes up and then goes black. My TV loses the input signal for about 2 seconds that it comes back, but stays black. The system will stay on until I put it in standby or flip off the power switch. This system will play mp3’s, avi’s and pictures with no problems via usb key and from the HDD.

    I have two BD controllers, version 1 and a version 3, both from 60GB PS3’s. Both will cause the BD to detect a disc is present and have the loading icon come up in the XMB. The only discs that will show any data are audio CD’s, the disc will be identified and the tracks with names listed. For info the disc I use is a Voivod – Killing Technology disc, so it gets info on the disc from the internet connection.

    Now my questions:

    Is it possible that there may be damage to a NAND or both, so that needed libraries are corrupt? If so, is there a clever way to replace the NAND without needing an external programmer? Am I SOL with my tinkering and going to have to get a whole working unit? That would be too easy...


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    CJPC Guest
    Your problem seems to be from the fact that the BD controller board and the PS3's motherboard don't match.

    They are essentially married to each other (like the XBOX 360's mobo/drive), so to get any use out of it, you need the original controller board.

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    bugazila Guest
    Yes, my suspicion was this, but...

    If I remove the BD from the PS3 and boot the XMB, I have the same response from the game demos I've tried, while I still have the functionality that I have previously described. Does this occur because there is a check out to the BD board upon demo start or because an error has been retained in the NANDs that is the result of a check out to the BD board and it failed security that is the result of having non-native BD boards for this motherboard? I guess my question is really, does the BD board have to be in place to play demos?

    I've also read that the ECC algorithm has been figured out, so provided I can dump the FW it would be possible to overcome this problem in the future?

    Just trying to probe this machine....

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    Dibblah Guest
    Unfortunately, it's true. Without a matched drive controller, the PS3 won't execute any external code - Only the XMB + media player will work.

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    bugazila Guest
    Alright, thanks for the info. This is what I had been looking for. I will turn this system into an experimental system until a fix for this issue is devised. Looks like an Infectus2 is in my future.

    I don't know if I should make a new post topic for this, but has anyone tried modding a set smart media readers into a reading and writing setup to make images of the nand contents? I'm going to look into this to see if I can pull the contents out of the nands for experimentation. If anyone has info on this so that I don't duplicate success or failure with this path, it would be great.

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    Dibblah Guest
    Smartmedia readers don't present the raw flash (generally) to the OS. You need a programmer of some type.

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