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Thread: is my PS3 HDD dead help?

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    weedge1212 Guest

    is my PS3 HDD dead help?

    hey guys,

    so about a week ago my roommate "claims" he decided to play AC:brotherhood on my jailbroken ps3. when i went to use it again, nothin under the photo, music, video, and games categories would load in the xmb. it just keeps doing the two spinning arrows. but everything loads under the network and settings categories. so this leads me to believe perhaps my hdd dead on me. i upgraded the hdd about a year ago to a samsung spinpoint 640gb.

    so i believe its dead bc nothing loads under games, videos, music, and photos, but at the same time when i go to system information it still gives my the correct free space (only 28gb) and total space on the hdd. i am only assuming that if the hdd was dead it would no longer be able to display the available/total space of the hdd. i still have access to the restore hdd and default settings options but i dont want to do that incase there is some way i can salvage everything i had. any input or information you guys have for me i greatly appreciate. thanks in advance.

    P.s. here are the specs i am dealing with 640gb samsung spinpoint hdd in an origanally 80gb fat ps3. running fw3.41 and jailbroken using hermes v4b & using open manager 2.1-I.

    again i would like to save anything off the hdd i can, and would like to stay on 3.41 if at all possible.

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    perspex Guest
    hmm... normally this problem occurs if you dont flash back to ofw before you change your hdd, well flash back to ofw and format the entire HDD, your system tabs are opening so just use the backup utility to backup the users, saves, music etc. to the an external HDD. Flash back to Ofw, format HDD, see if it works, if yes then flash back to 3.41 cfw. 3.41 is full of problems, just get kmeaw 3.55, its safe, its better.

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    weedge1212 Guest
    well nothing loads regardless if i turn my ps3 on in jb or regular. i understand what your saying about the the re formatting and everything but i dont have any hdds big enough to back up the ps3 hdd. i am sure i can atleast get my game saves but i have a lot of music and movies that are semi- irreplacable. so is there any specific diagnostics tool i can use to find out if it is in fact my hdd that is the problem? thanks.

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    kingchris Guest
    i don't know if this works, but you can try to boot the AsbestOS Linux from an usb stick. if you know the right linux commands it should be possible to copy your HDD to an external disk.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    This is a common problem with AC Brotherhood, I think if you run it discless then it corrupts your HDD.

    1) Go into recovery mode, Restore File System
    2) Start your Ps3, go under the video icon in XMB, it will crash.
    3) Recovery Mode again, Rebuild Database.

    Congratulations, you have fixed your HDD.

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    weedge1212 Guest
    thanks minion, that explanation of using recovery mode is by far the most logical answer so far. how do i get into recovery mode? is that where i hold down the power button for like 10 seconds or something? thanks guys i'll probably try this when i get out of work tonight.

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    severusx Guest
    How to Access Playstation Recovery Menu

    1. Turn off Playstation 3.
    2. Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again.
    3. Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps
    4. When you hear the 2 beeps take finger off power button.
    5. You will be promted to plug in your controller via usb and then hit the PS button
    6. The Recovery menu will pop up.

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    weedge1212 Guest
    ok, when i go into recovery mode and choose restore file system, a progress bar comes up and then quickly changes to a notification that says my hdd is corrupted and must be formatted. if i format the hdd it will be wiped clean, correct? it's lookin more and more like i wont be able to save much of my saved files, but atleast there is still the hope of my hdd being usable.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Sadly yes, you will loose your data and it will be wiped clean.

    Can you sill ftp it and get some things off? so all is not lost.

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    weedge1212 Guest
    no i cant ftp, nothing will load under game category, even when i boot in jailbreak mode. to be clear, i have never installed any cfw and have never downgraded from any fw. ive been on 3.41 since it came out.

    so when i do plug in a usb storage stick it will not even load/display that. so i can not install any asbestos and i don't think i can back anything up, because i have no access to any of files.. it just says the hdd is corrupt and i need to format it.

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