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Thread: is my PS3 HDD dead help?

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    daveshooter Guest
    Your welcome bud. You can use the same caddy tho, but if you dont have a spare drive your a bit stuck. all the best.

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    weedge1212 Guest
    Well my hdd is not dead!! I did have to reformat it and I did lose all my games saves, music, movie, homebrew, and just about anything else you can think of. But the hdd does still work.

    Tested with nas illmatic albumn and it saved and plays off the hdd. So if anyone can learn anything from my situation, be very careful of what assassins creed:brotherhood back up you use, and of course to always keep the shit that's important to you backed up on more than one storage medium.again, thanks for all the help and I hope none of you have to go through this.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I know I should maybe not admit this, but many years ago I could get everything from BBS or disks floating around called tango or coke and so many others , and as well as it was great being able to evaluate software before paying for it. I soon began to realize no one uploads endless amounts of gigs of software for free without getting something in return, well not often, and 70% had Trojans in them.

    So now Sony's combat against downloading games is maybe swap out the game files, out there on the net with one that kill your drive. Just guessing tho,

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