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Thread: is my PS3 HDD dead help?

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    severusx Guest
    Yeah that sounds pretty bad... sorry about your luck. If you do format it, please post back to let us know if that got you PS3 back up and working.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Its something that really upsets me when your forced to lose data, so I understand how it feels, so I will try anything not to. So If I was in that predicament, if its not to late that is? I would take out the drive and put it to one side hoping some Dev releases some Homebrew that has a disk repairer and undelete feature, knowing its already on the Linux OS distros.

    Or borrow a spare drove if you can hopefully the same size, knowing this is your last resort. This involves hotswapping, and its worked for me on the Xbox1, and every computer I have tried it on, so there is no reason why this little idea might not work.

    Note allegedly sata is swappable, and I have had no problems, so its up to you. so like I said this is your last resort, so why not try this before you format.

    1, fit a new drive in the PS3 and let it format it, then reboot.
    2. install Geo's cfw.
    3. install blackbox ftp.
    3 reboot PS3.
    4 start ftp.
    5 connect to PS3 from PC. (ftp)
    6. very carefully slide the PS3 hard drive back and remove (yes with it still connected to PC in a ftp session)
    7. now slowly but firmly fit you old drive back in PS3, then wait and let it settle, this is very important, let it sort it self out,.
    8. after 2 Min's refresh your connection on your PC, with ftp. no less than 2 Min's.
    9. if this did not work 1st time don't give up. 9 times out of 10 it fails because of timings.

    I think and hope for you it the fat screwed up, and hopefully if its not to late this may work. good luck.

    then ftp every thing you can copy, hopefully. hope this helps, you or anyone thats also stuck, not knowing whats next to try. Please keeps us up dated, thanks.

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    Realee Guest
    You MIGHT be able to use some disk imaging tools (Acronis for example) to clone the data from the drive before the format. You MIGHT also be able to read part of the data using this method.

    No harm in trying to clone to an image or something if you can find the space for such a large image.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Yes I was trying to think of a disk imaging tool, but did not know of any that would work on a locked drive like the PS3 one is, I was thinking hot swapping was the only way to unlock it, and that would only be possible using the PS3 that formated that drive in the 1st place, I don't know of any other way of decrypting the drive.. If you have any links that do, please share?

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    Realee Guest
    I'm unsure on how the PS3 drive works entirely. I've just had success with loads of dead drives using Acronis (Hence the plug for it) which might help.

    Problem being it's a paid piece of software - depends on what it's worth to the user really.

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    daveshooter Guest
    Yes the PS3 drive is locked and only unlocked after the PS3 has booted into xmb, if I understand it right, and if I remember when i soft modded xbox1's you had to pause an mp3 playing then the drive would be unlocked, then keeping the power to the drive taken from the PC's psu , remove the ide cable from the drive xbox side and plug the drive into the PC's ide0 master cable that been booted up and running a Linux distro that reads the file system from any drive, but only if its unlocked. You can not unlock PS3 drives or any drive for that matter unless you have the key for that drive, your a forensics team, or your the computer/ps3 that formatted it, allegedly.

    So hotswapping is the only way. with this one I believe.

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    Realee Guest
    Sounding like it by your description. With patience and a steady hand you could install a SATA cable (without opening the case or anything) into the PS3 and then wouldn't have to worry so much about pulling the drive out during the process.

    Might pull mine apart tonight and see what I can come up with - time dependent of course - kids don't feed 'emselves!

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    daveshooter Guest
    No I would not use a cable for the way I have suggested because if you use the caddy and slid it back inside the PS3 all the pins disconnect all the same time, and when you fit the other drive back in the PS3 with the caddy fitted as soon as it touches the case it removes static, and sliding it forward back in will connect all pins at the same time again, the PS3 will think its had a mains Spike, and reset the drive but not the system. Fingers crossed.

    OK I have 2 drives both have caddy's fitted, both are 500 gigs. I have Geo's fw and blackbox ftp, I have just booted my PS3 up connected ftp, waited 1 min so drive spins down, then hot-swapped, agree it clicked a lot in the PS3, but bugger me, I can confirm it worked after refreshing ftp and logging back in as you get disconnected, when the drive spins back up. So this works on two working drives, out of the same ps3 but will it work on a screwed up drive?

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    weedge1212 Guest
    i really appreciate all the great input all of you guy have. i am somewhat familiar with the hot swap process bc i too have done it on an xbox1 back when. but i am just considering to cut my loses and just reformat it. itll be a pain in my arse replacing all the data i had, but perhaps not as much of a pain as the whole hotswap process and getting a caddy, another hdd and all that. but please guys, keep the suggestions coming. thanks

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Sorry Man. Your HDD needs to be formatted, but atleast it's not dead.

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