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    My PS3 gain RSOD help?

    Hello, today my ps3 gain RSOD, i dont know why. I have samsung NOR, and i can make dump. Anyone can help me ? Thanks a lot Papolak

    ~~Sorry for my english, but i have 15 years old, and i'm from Poland :>

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    go to recovery mode and install 3.55 firmware.

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    Installing a 3.55 Firmware won't do the trick, you'll need NOTHEROS.PUP (install using recovery mode), a 3.55 CFW that will skip RSOD then install a pkg fix. After that you can install any FW of your choice.

    NOTHEROS pup:
    pkg fix:

    Those are the same files I've used to fix my RSOD, so don't worry, they're tested and won't brick your PS3.

    btw, If you're on 3.55+ CFW that won't work, you'll need a flasher, which is one of the reasons I tell people to stay on 3.55.

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    sorry my PS3 never RSOD before.

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    Thanks, for help, but this not work for me

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    What you have to do is make sure the ps3 is on 3.55. If it is not go through the downgrade. Once it is then install the nothers.pup from the recovery menu. Once the ps3 boots up again install the package. Once that is done install what ver firmware you want. Thanks

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    It seems to appear mostly on consoles with Samsung NORS (CECHLxx-CECH20xx)

    Maybe caused by an error being thrown while writing to NOR, mostly caused by a corrupt area of flash called VTRM.

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    well I got it on my A01 model before it YLOD

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