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Thread: My ps3 dvd drive wont go back together help

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    crazycastle Guest

    Red Face My ps3 dvd drive wont go back together help

    I stripped my ps3 drive to replace the laser... now does anyone have any pics on putting it back again?

    Seriously I need help...

    drive 07x17f

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    Here is PS3 Blu-Ray drive reassembly video may help you out:

    Also, some pics and another video are posted in the How to Replace the PS3 Blu-ray Drive Laser Lens guide that may be of use.

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    crazycastle Guest
    Thanks for trying, but i've already seen that. Unfortunately its a different model. The one i have has no board on the outside of the drive. Done it now, lol , only took about 4hrs of playing around with it.

    Thanks again.

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