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    Red Face [UnAnswered] My PS3 can't see my USB HDD

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    Hi All

    First one sry for my bad english ^^

    I have a USB HDD. I Plug-In with my PS3 and wait and wait and wait, bud my ps3 dont see it.

    greets Encik

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    hi ... you must format your hdd to fat32 and then plug it to your ps3

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    hmm... can i make 2 partition ?
    one fat32 and one ntfs ?

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    no. ps3 only can see fat32. you better make one partition and use it.

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    When i use the first partition @ FAT32 and the second partition @ NTFS ?

    Whyle i have Files they are bigger then 4 GB.

    greets Encik

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    I could never get my drive to be read by the ps3 when it had 2 partitions on it. I was doing the same, 1 fat32 and 1 ntfs. Now that im only using fat32 its fine! Just hope sony see fit to add ntfs support in an update! Its a pain being restricted to filesizes of under 4gb

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    I have managed to use a drive with two partitions (1 NTFS 1 FAT32). NTFS partition is of course not visible for PS3.

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    fat 3t and ntfs are microsoft property

    i doubt they will let it use ntfs that would be unethical, maybe they should let it read linux ext2 partitions i would happily reformat my external to ext2.

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    i made my usb drive fat 32 and bingo

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    I know most OS's (other than windows) can't write to an NTFS partition but they can read them.

    I wonder why Sony does not want NTFS reading.

    I can understand not writing to NTFS, but the PS3 should at least be able to read NTFS.


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