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Thread: My PS2 Controller doesn't work on PS3 help?

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    D4RKN355 Guest

    My PS2 Controller doesn't work on PS3 help?

    Hi everyone, i just purchased a ps3 recently and i use a ps3 dualshock controller for player 1 and a ps2 controller with a blue adapter like this type for player 2:

    At first, both the controller work just fine but after while,the ps2 controller doesn't work any more in the game.

    I have tried many times by switching the console on and off and tried with different games but none of them work.

    However, the ps2 controller with the blue adapter still works at the main screen (the xmb screen) but not in the game.

    Is there anyway i can fix this problem? The cost of the second controller is rather high in my country so i don't really want to buy another controller if not really neccesary.

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    ripplar Guest
    Try to push the analog button on the controller after you start the game.

    If that does not work get this adapter:

    This is the one i use.. it works perfectly.

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