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Thread: My noob question - how to submit news?

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    Madell Guest

    Red Face My noob question - how to submit news?

    I tried posting news, in the so called 'news section' but then it got deleted. I received a rep of -40. How do i post news then?

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    imtoodvs Guest
    i got this straight from the faq at the top of this sub forum, i did it twice and was banned for the longest weekend of my life, i hope this helps:

    How to Share News:

    Our Web site is set up to share news or anything you may find on the Internet that is cool/exciting (including videos, etc) by posting it in our Site News via clicking here:

    Once you Submit it, then it will go LIVE shortly after and appear on the main page for all to see and comment on. Additionally, your post (article) will automatically be copied to our Forum section where you specified during submission under your username.

    This way old/dupe news doesn't make it's way to the Forums, and a LOT more users will see it. Please be sure when submitting to link to the ORIGINAL article/poster (or video, etc) source to ensure proper credit is given.

    Finally, you may also Submit your own news if you post it in a thread on in this case, during submission simply link to your thread/post here or on your personal Web blog, MySpace page, etc. Have fun!

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    Yep, imtoodvs is correct, we can't have people just copying and pasting news from other sites in our Forum... that isn't how the site works. You have to submit news to the Site News, then when it gets approved it gets linked to a Forum thread for discussion and you get the credit/+Rep for it.

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