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    jedaking Guest

    My "new" ps3 with fw 3.01 help?


    I just bought a ps3 40gb with ylod. But i got it op and running again, and i find out the fw is 3.01.

    What do i do?? update it to 3.15, heard that there is a exploit for that fw. that have god cances of a CFW! is this true, or do i just update it to 3.41?

    Ok, i do have a ps3 with 3.41, but just like to know if it worth wating for something happening with 3.15.

    And is there anynody working on a CFW for 3,15?

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    Rand023 Guest
    if you have one with 3.41 jail broke might as well wait unless you want to play online.

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    genius312 Guest
    As Rand023 said, if you already have 1 at 3.41, keep it there, remove internet access and use this one with jailbreak !

    The new one would be used for online games, 3D movies, ect! I will probably buy a new one to keep the firmware up to date and also be able to play online !

    if you really want to jailbreak it, I would download the 3.41 firmware and update it to that firmware !

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    jedaking Guest
    yes ok, so there is no point in staying at 3.01 or 3.15?

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    sykoNsc Guest
    the acid cfw hacks is only running on 3.15 (last time i checked) what is does is enables debug options on a retail rig, not a true custom firmware just a hackpack for 3.15 so yea.

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