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    InsouciantZ Guest

    My 60 GB PS3 made weird noise before it died, bad fan?

    Before it YLOD on me, it would occasionally make that noise during start-up. I know there is a way to fix a YLOD ps3 with thermal paste, but I want to know what caused that noise before I try to fix it

    Does anybody have any idea what it could be?

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    elser1 Guest
    it sounds like it was screaming out in agony.. LOL basically what caused it is the fact you cant use lead solder anymore, in industrial use, and the poor design by sony, and the dust clogging it up internally.. it overheated probably due to dust build up inside and the solder under the rsx/gpu cracked thus not getting the electrical flow through it.

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    InsouciantZ Guest
    Lmao! The glass door was trying to get in on the agony too. Stupid hinges. I saw your reply on youtube so thank you.

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