All day i have been playing ModernWarfare 2 online and single-player special missions getting stars, without any problems... tonight when i started up the game there was a new patch, my ps3 froze right on that screen and i had to hit the switch on the back of the console.

after restarting the ps3 and trying to get the patch it froze again this time after clicking ok... i then deleted the MW2 (gamedata) 1.08 patch and then retried for the 1.09 patch, this time it worked... however for some reason all my single-player progress has been lost, and multi-player progress also is showing 0%, however when i goto multiplayer i still have my rank/emblems etc.. (single player is showing everything 0 in stats )

i had problems with the ps3 freezing when 1.08 patch came out aswell, i got it working by doing the same thing (delete gamedata) but all my progress in the game remained.

anyone know WTF has gone on.. and why am i so unlucky lol, all that hard work today trying to get fast times etc on the missions

i thought gamedata was only to speedup load times and no save-info was actually kept there. am i wrong?

just noticed in my saved-data there is no MW2 file, however right up top there is a save file with no icon, i can check its information ( Title - / Sub-title - / Updated 16/2/2010 5:27 PM / Lock - / Details - )

the only info in the file is when it was last updated.... i think that is when i last played MW2.

any chance this file can be saved?

i just copied that file onto a usb stick, and it actually came up with mw2 during copy... i think everything is there

GPAd0_CM.PRF -1kb
GPAd0_MP.PRF -1kb
GPAd0_SP.PRF -1kb
ICON0.PNG -43kb

maybe i need to hex something?

i noticed the saved data on the usb stick seemed to be good, as in it had all the file information, i tried to copy it to the ps3 and just got an error, and another error when trying to delete the save already on the ps3... i decided to try rebuilding the database in recovery mode, that got rid of the mw2 bad save from the hdd.

the really strange thing is, i was then able to copy the save off the usb stick onto the ps3.. and it worked, i now have all my save info back, except the last 2 stars i earned in special ops.. but that's easy to get back

ok, my drama is over now lol