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Thread: Music-in-game in homebrew from XMB?

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    atlask2 Guest

    Music-in-game in homebrew from XMB?

    Is it possible to continue to listen music when we launch a homebrew ? I was thinking about music in game option ,and i know its possible on fw 3.41. When i start a homebrew like blackbox, and i tried to start music ,i've a message: you cant play music with this game (or something like this ).

    So, is it just an option ? What game can load music from xmb and continue to work with ?

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    aamir007 Guest
    I don't think any of them allows you to listen to music as you play the game.

    You could maybe edit the PARAM.sfo file to allow that.

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    atlask2 Guest
    you can watch a lot of vid on youtube about music-in-game.

    is it just an option to activate on the sfo ? like the remote psp ?

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