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    Multiman XMB file help?

    Could someone please tell me the name of the program that organizes all you files on the XMB?? My game list is quite long and I seem to remember there being a PKG program that organizes these files... thx in advance

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    I don't really get what you mean, if you want to organize the stuff in the "Games" tab you press "Square" and it will organize according to the format and if you press "Square" again it will be organized according to the album.

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    Just a guess, but he may be thinking of Awesome FileManager v0.06 by Comgenie perhaps ?

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    Hmmm.. I could be wrong but I thought I remembered a program for multiman that came out to cut out on all the "clutter" in the games tab cuz the more games you install, the longer the list gets... maybe i'm thinking of they way you explained it...

    The Awesome FileManager v0.06 by Comgenie might be it...

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