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Thread: Multiman Showtime & Fullscreen help?

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    Demon Cleaner Guest

    Multiman Showtime & Fullscreen help?

    Is it possible to edit the Multiman showtime settings, so that when playing a movie it shows it fullscreen? I only get about 85-90% of the screen, checked the settings but didn't find anything to fill the screen to 100%.

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    severusx Guest
    Well you can adjust the overscan options from the settings menu, that will help adjust it. But it also depends on the original resolution of the video too.

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    When I play the videos from the original XMB with Twonky, Serviio or PS3 Media Server, they are all full screen, never had a problem with that. Within Showtime, it cuts left/right, top/bottom off, so that it leaves a black "box" around the video.

    I didn't find any setting to set it to fullscreen or overscan, do you mean inside Showtime, or normal PS3 settings (which are already set to overscan)?

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    severusx Guest
    In the MultiMan settings it self in the XMMB. Remember that streaming services like PS3 Media Server are actually transcoding the video into a format the PS3 understands, so the PS3 plays the stream stretched/zoomed to full screen. I haven't used Showtime yet, but I am sure that it is using local codecs that will not output the same way streaming services do. You may want to ask in the Showtime/MM thread directly.

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    Will do that, thanks.

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