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Thread: MultiMan Question help?

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    jarvis Guest

    MultiMan Question help?

    Hi guys,

    Question about adding games to Multiman. I haven't attempted this before so I need a little guidance. I've copied a game over into the appropriate location /dev_hdd0/game/<TITLE_ID> but the game doesn't appear in Multiman's game browser. I chose rescan disks from the menu but that didn't help.

    If I use Multiman's file manager, I can browse into the directory and directly launch the game by selecting the eboot.bin file and it runs without issue. What do I need to do so that the game displays in Multiman? Right now the only entries I have are all of the emulators I have installed. Thanks for the help!

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    properBo Guest
    you're gonna want to name the game folder "GAMES" or failing that, "GAMEZ"

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    lindwurm Guest
    Hi well if you want to put your games into game directory just make another folder and name it oman46756 coz that game folder is use for install data just like emu or pkg game... if you copy a game using multiman then you have GAMES folder in Hdd0 directory and if you're using latest backup manager then you have GAMEZ folder in Hdd0 directory.

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