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Thread: multiman ps3 help please?

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    naz999 Guest

    Unhappy multiman ps3 help please?

    Hi All, please can someone help me. I am really really confused, I wish to upgrade from multiman 1.15.05 to the latest 1.16.14. I have read lots online but cannot understand the following:

    If I upgrade, do I have to uninstall the previous version or can I just install over the top?

    I understand the version I currently have has the LV2 patcher and If I upgrade I lose that or something. Or if I installed the new multiman ontop of my current version, will this LV2 patcher remain ?

    A BDEMU pkg needs to be installed with the new multiman version, is that the same as LV2 pkg?

    Lastly if I upgrade, will the latest multiman work just like the older version or will I lose some functionality of playing my backups or have to do some extra stuff for them to work?

    Thanks in advance if someone can help, I am so confused here.

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    Natepig Guest
    You just need to install the newer version, no need to un-install the old. If you have never installed the BDEMU pkg before then go ahaead and do that next. That is all that is required and you will not lose anything in terms of functionality or compatabilty.

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