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    Reiveth Guest

    Multiman Missing disc space help?

    Heyo, little problem here... I was installing a game and about halfway through there was an error, I continued to abort the installation and selected to delete the data, however I am now missing a significant chunk of disc space on the HDD.

    I used the file manager to check to see if the data from the game was still there, but it wasn't, I browsed through all the files and am unable to figure out where the space has gone.

    I'm almost positive I had a lot of free space before hand, but now I'm getting that annoying 'less than 500MB' message.

    Any ideas?

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    severusx Guest
    I would connect via FTP and see if you can locate the folder for the game you were backing up. It's possible that it's there but multiman doesn't see it. Other than that I'm not aware of any tools that can be used to fix the partition table of the PS3 drive... short of a backup/format.

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    Reiveth Guest
    Eh, haven't used an FTP since my original Xbox days... I was thinking of a format, but I thought backing up would end up also backing up the phantom data that I have.

    I wouldn't mind doing a regular non-backed up format, but I have a couple non transferable saves that I desperately need to keep...

    I'll see if I can set up an FTP, appreciate any more thoughts in the mean time.

    Set up the FTP, no luck, the directory shows up empty there aswell, however can I use the FTP to copy over those pesky untransferable saved games?
    If so I'll just do that and do a full reformat.

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