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    multiman install problem missing pkg file?

    i have correctly installed the right multiman newest backup manager, and im on kmeaw. but, when i go to open the multiman i get the following message "multiman cannot enable bd-rom emulator. functionality may be restricted!"

    is there a package file i believe i have to install right before multiman? i heard people used to use lv 2,or something but now it is obsolete for this. so what is the package i need to install before multiman? anyone have a heart and please help.

    if it matters i am a very nice attractive girl hahaha..

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    severusx Guest
    Attached to the MM thread is a file called BDEMU.PKG, download and install that to add BD Emulation back to MM. That will correct your problem. Use the little Paperclip icon on the thread title to see all attachments.

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    thank you so much i love you!!! i will try it now.

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