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Thread: MultiMan and Gaia can't find any game on External?

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    WonTwoTree Guest

    MultiMan and Gaia can't find any game on External?

    I canít find my external hard drive in either gaia manager or Multiman. None of them have the option to go to my External. My external is fat32 with games already on it, but the ps3 cant seem to read it. Its version 3.55 if that helps.

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    rdurbin Guest
    do you have them in a folder? is the folder named games or gamez? I believe gaia looks for them in gamez, multiman can look in both games and gamez

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    WonTwoTree Guest
    Yes, i bought the ps3 already done with the firmware. So all i pretty much did was buy a External hard drive, went into a game shop and purchased games from them as they put the games onto my external into the "Gamez" folder. But still nothing.

    Yes i do have the games within a folder named "GAMEZ"

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    When it's FAT32 and have the folder "GAMEZ" on it where are games with prefix BCESXXXXX in it, is fine. If you have a 3.5" make sure the external power supply is in the socket. Connect the USB HDD with the PS3 before starting multiMAN.

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    WonTwoTree Guest
    I think the Fujitsu external hard drives aren't compatible with the ps3. Nothing seems to work, i'll be exchanging my external tomorrow and will post the results.

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    severusx Guest
    What size is the drive? If it is larger than 1.5 TB the PS3 may have trouble the 64K block size and won't mount the drive. Get a drive smaller than 1.5 TB.

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