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Thread: Multiman external HDD help?

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    foxhound1234 Guest

    Exclamation Multiman external HDD help?


    I'm new to the ps3 jailbreaking scene and just wanted help on Multiman and external harddrive detection. Multiman seems to only detect games iv backed up on the internal HDD and not from external. Iv googled and googled but still nothing works.

    This is my options.ini

    # Backup games to these folders: 
    #Look for game backups recursively in these folders: # (leave blank for USB (usb_home) root (/) folder) 
    Iv tried replacing "GAMES" with GAMEZ, game, and the game id. I've tried naming a folder on root of external HDD called "dev_hdd0" so it would be /dev_hdd0/GAMES/Game_ID but nothing works. I'm almost positive it should have been working by now but no luck.

    Can somebody help me? tips?

    anyway i just thought about something. Maybe it's because my external HDD is NTFS? could that be the problem?

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    moja Guest
    You answered your own question, which means you're willing to learn.

    NTFS is not recognized by the PS3 in jailbreak mode, so you'll have to format that sucker to FAT32 until a driver is incorporated.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Agree. No matter how you name folders or whatever you do with your HDD, PS3 won't recognize it till it's NTFS formatted, no matter if you use jailbreak nor if you don't and even if you install latest PS3 update it won't help.

    PS3 never supported NTFS and you should format your HDD in FAT32 if you want use it with PS3.

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    foxhound1234 Guest
    See that's what i thought because I was sure i read that. Anyway I'm going to search on how to format it an easier way because it has a "autorun.ini" file in their and i can't seem to get rid of it without putting a my original windows disc in my drive -reboot, repair go into dos mode and manually delete that sucker. But i dunno any other way.

    Anyway I'm rambling lol Thanks for you're insight.

    PS3 won't recognize it till it's NTFS formatted
    Wait what lol i think you messed up but i know what you mean and i appreciate you're help

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    lindwurm Guest
    hi... windows can only format up to 4 GB so try using fat32formatter tokiwa and you can format you hdd easily.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    search no further, try this..

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    foxhound1234 Guest
    Thanks a lot! That worked flawlessly And now my PS3 detects my external hard drive. Thanks everyone.

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