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    MultiMan Coves missing?

    I relized Multiman is missing some covers. Like Disgaea 3,WWE Smack down VS Raw, Sly Collextion and DS 2. I always wanted to help ^^ So I want to create the png's for the Icons but I don't know how (I even lack the concrete resolution and the Frame...) So if someone can give me a guide.

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    I also found some covers missing, but then looked for the same game from another region and renamed the cover file from. The region specific cover was never an issue for me - as long as it is the game I have.

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    Multiman no longer uses PNG files for covers. To optimise they are now JPGs. The resolution is 260 x 300.

    Uses Google images to search for your cover. Resize to above and place in the /covers directory within Multiman on the PS3

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    Same thing is happening to me, I had to make about 5 covers, DJ HERO 2, Dead Space 2, Raging Blast 2 etc all perfect size and format with the correct game code in CAPS and copied them to the cover dir and they still won't load.

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    I am also currently looking into this.It appears to be an issue with permissions. If you go to ftp and go to covers directory in multiman...Right click a cover that is working,and check permissions... Should be 666... Covers i try to put in myself (not combined in multiman pack) seems to have chmod of 600... But no matter what i do.. i can not set chmod to 666... meaning read/write/execute permissions..

    Soon as i figure a way, i will repost :-)

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