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    dekaspace Guest

    Multiman and copying games and media players help?

    I have been using multiman since January and PS3 FTP server etc.

    Reason I ask is there has been many updates since then so was curious to the best methods of updating and also as there is multiple versions of multiman etc like standard and full (or whatever they are called) is it worth getting them and what is the actual benefit on a full one?

    I have seen a few media players about, do these play MKVS? and can they play older avi files that the XMB refuses to play (but work fine on pc and Xbox with XBMC) without having to convert them?

    Finally my older version of PS3 server thing needs internet connection to get an I.P address so I guess the newer versions don't?

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    Natepig Guest
    Firstly its always a good idea to have the most up to date version of multiman. The full version contains covers for most ps3 games and the mega version also has lots of different themes/skins. I myself always choose the full version as I'm not that bothered about lots of themes but like having all the covers for my backups.

    The hombrew called "showtime" is a media player for the ps3 which can play mkv's without any need for conversion, and it also plays the older avi files.

    You don't need an internet connection to stream or ftp to your ps3, you just need to make a connection between you ps3 and pc via your router/switch.

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    dekaspace Guest
    Thanks, I didnt want to install a newer version until I knew there was a need to, I don't really care about themes except the built in one is ugly as it was more that I saw about 2 extra zip files in the multiman downloads with the name eboot etc.

    Still a bit unsure about the FTP side of it though as I want to bypass usage of my router since my pc and ps3 are next to each other and router is in another room

    Other thing I am unsure about is should I delete my older multiman setup before installing new one.

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    hcode123 Guest
    never delete multiman just copy over the old one. which multiman are you on. You might need the too download bdmeu.pkg.

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    dekaspace Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hcode123 View Post
    never delete multiman just copy over the old one. which multiman are you on. You might need the too download bdmeu.pkg.
    Don't know but its at least 2 months old.

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