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Thread: MultiMan on 3.41 question help?

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    Lakerfanalways Guest

    MultiMan on 3.41 question help?

    I need to know exactly which MultiMan I need for 3.41 (Yes I'm still on 3.41 and still a happy camper :-) I have been told I need to install two different files but I have no idea which files those are.

    I have hermes 4b with gaia manager, which haven't given me any issues til Zumba Fitness which refuses to load(Just gives me a black screen) so someone suggested MultiMan to install.

    I want to keep Gaia as well since I don't want to take any chances that my games get deleted. Right now my games are in hdd0/games/laun12345/gamez directory.. have a bunch on internal and external drive..again sorry for all of the annoying questions just need to know what exactly I have to download.. thanks.

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    severusx Guest
    You can install the latest version, it is not firmware dependent. If you choose to get rid of Gaia, make sure that you FTP into your PS3 and move your games from their current location to hdd0\GAMES. If you do that you can delete Gaia safely. Make sure you delete any Game Data for the game you are having trouble with and rip it to your USB drive before attempting to launch it with Select+X in MultiMan.

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    Lakerfanalways Guest
    yeah I am planning on keeping Gaia manager as well.. I just wanted MultiMan because of the issue I am having with Zumba Fitness, plus Ive heard great things about MultiMan.. so which MultiMan do I download.. because I've read how I need to install two different files in order for it to work with 3.41 so I wasnt sure.. with Gaia, when I installed it, I pressed YES when asked to install games to laun12345.. I just don't want to lose any games.

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    severusx Guest
    Just grab the newest version from the MM OP. Version 1.16.03 I think. You don't need a second file. I think you are referring to the BDEMU.PKG, but since you are using a JB dongle still you already have a payload loaded and don't need that.

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    Lakerfanalways Guest
    yeah I just downloaded this one multiMAN_ver_1.16.03_FULL__20110225_200000_ and inside I see a few files..

    multiMAN ver 1.16.03 FULL (20110225_200000).pkg
    multiMAN ver 1.16.03 FULL (20110225_200000) WT.pkg

    and this USB.CFG which one am I supposed to install? yeah the BDEMU.PKG file is the one I was hearing I dont need that one?

    So which package do I Need to install..and once it installs and I open it on my PS3, what will it ask me (I assume just like Gaia it will ask me where I want the games to go) just want to be sure everything stays the same and I dont lose any of the games I have now.. both on internal and external

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    deank Guest
    Install multiMAN ver 1.16.03 FULL (20110225_200000).pkg and you're ready to go. You don't need anything else.

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    severusx Guest
    It won't ask you anything, it will find you games and list them in the manager. You don't need to do anything else and you wont loose anything.

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    Lakerfanalways Guest
    Thanks for answering my questions.. I just put the multiMAN ver 1.16.03 FULL (20110225_200000).pkg on my external drive and will install I dont need the pkg file that has WT.pkg and I dont need that USB.CFG file?

    so since I have gaia manager, when I install MultiMan it wont move the games that I have now to a new place, everything will stay the same?

    So after I open MultiMan, then do I plug in my external drive and everything else will show up (Besides what I have on my internal drive) and I am good to go.. Thanks again for all your help!

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