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Thread: Multiman 01.16.07 Killzone 3 slow internal Hard Disk?

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    opax Guest

    Big Grin Multiman 01.16.07 Killzone 3 slow internal Hard Disk?

    Hi, Folks

    I've just tried to play killzone 3 but there is times that the screens played very slowly. Any ideas about what can i do to resolve this issue?

    Thanks! cheers!

    The Force is with you!

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    kaiyel1 Guest


    Go back to 01.16.06

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    fabian9907 Guest
    Maybe the copying didn't go so well, or maybe you have to restart the game.

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    moja Guest
    I had issues during and after cutscenes where my battle buddy's dialogue would constantly cut off. If this is like you, try pausing and letting the game load some data for several seconds, then play as normal. That worked for me.

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    goodegg Guest
    it's not the problem of multiman version, it's more like patch for game that doesn't max yet, just wait for another patch.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    have you tried rebuilding your file structure?

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    opax Guest

    Yes, That's basically happens to me! Well Thanks!

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    moja Guest
    What was it that fixed it?

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    kunit1 Guest
    If you are using the scene release then that's your problem. I had many streaming problems with the scene release. I deleted it and made my own rip from the original disc and virtually all problems are gone.

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    opax Guest
    Hi, I've got it! Thanks! Anyway, I played the game normally!


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