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    [UnAnswered] Multi Region PS3? Is It?

    Hi, I live in the UK. im buying a PS3 on Friday thats a week today!! Woo Hoo!! Please can someone tell me if the games that have been brought for me in the USA wil play on the UK PS3? Also will online gaming be ok? Thanks.

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    I'm sure it works although you'll need a tv that supports NTSC/60Hz signals

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    Hey guys, 1st post - sorry if this has been repeated before - i have searched and searched but no clear answer.

    Cant decide what PS3 to get - im torn between US or PAL version.

    Pro's and con's - Pal - I can deffo buy 1 next friday ....but i heard a rumor some games are going to be censored, such as Resistance not having blood and decapitation scenes? Anyone confirm this? Im not to bothered about the backwards compatability issue with PS2 games

    Pro's and con's US - Taking forever for import stores to get them in stock reasonable priced also cant play UK blu-ray movies on it.

    Im thinking the PAL system but need this censorship issue confirming if possible?

    Cheers guys

    Edit: Yeah, i was under the impression that all PS3 consoles and Games where multi region? Only the blu-ray side of things was region coded?

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    All ps3 games are region free. Ps2 games are region locked.

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    Wow! Quick responses on this forum!! Thanks. So i will be able to play fall of man and motorstorm USA games online on my PS3 UK?

    If so im getting all my games from the US of A as they are 30!!

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    Games are region free, DVDs + Blu-Rays are either the traditional DVD style for regions or A/1 B/2 C/3 for Blu-Ray.

    North, Central and South America, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are A/1

    Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand are B/2

    India, Nepal, Mainland China, Russia, Central and South Aisa are C/3.

    Hope that helps.

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    That seems a bit odd to me. I got a ps3 from taiwan and a PAL German Blueray dvd is running fine on it.



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