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    kyubey Guest

    Mugen soul error 8002291b help?

    anyone know how to fix Mugen soul error 8002291b?

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    BluRay Guest
    Change BLES-01723 to BLES01723

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    kyubey Guest
    the 1st folder before ps3_game & ps3 disc? its written: BLES01723-[Mugen Souls]

    note: i got the error using previous fix (before duplex) i swap the eboot & trophy. i will try the duplex fix (i hope it doesn't give me the same error) it works normally with duplex eboot (tested until new game)

    i think the error is caused because i swapped the trophy x.x lock?

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    BluRay Guest
    You could try removing the -[Mugen Souls] just to make sure thats not It. I think swapping the trophy would show up an error message. EBOOT errors tend to show error message too, but there is nothing wrong with trying Duplex one.

    EDIT: Just noticed you already fixed It.

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