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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] MP3/IPOD woes

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    quick question guys.

    I love the ps3, but unless im missing something, i'm not a fan of the mp3 player portion of it. If I plug in my ipod, and goto music, hit triangle, and click show all, I can go through ipod control, music, and go to each individual folder, and play each folder 1 folder at a time.

    is there any way to do a shuffle with all the folders? or search the one root directory of the ipod and pull all the songs? the ipod software doesn't put that many songs in each folder and it would be really convenient to do it that way. Perhaps I am missing something really obvious and can kick myself in the butt later, but can't find it for the life of me!


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    How I understand it, the Ipod creates the certain number of folders with the certain number of songs in each based on a bunch of variables such as alphabetization and cannot be changed due to the Ipod firmware, if these are the folder I think you're talking about. Mabye if you tried putting music in a folder on the Ipod harddrive manually and not through Itunes. This would take up some space and be kind of inconvenient though. Best of luck.


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    yeah, those are the folders that I am referring to. I could get around it if I either copied all the files to my ps3 or if I made a copy of all the file to a separate folder on the ipod. But then I would have 2 copies of the same file- which is what I'm trying to avoid. thanks though!

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    Yeah the ipod firmware is programmed to read these "encrypted" folders with the weird song names, altering these folders or renaming any files will result in music disappearing from the music list on your ipod and a big headache, my suggestion would be to use a computer and the new media sever sharing option on the PS3.

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    hmm, how do i do this? copy them to the shared music folder on my computer? (running vista)- and then do i have to start any services? from there will my router/ firewall automatically stop any sharing from outside my network? thanks...


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