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Thread: Moving large files FROM ps3 to external source?

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    PR0r Guest

    Moving large files FROM ps3 to external source?

    A few months back I upgraded my ps3's internal hdd to a 650? (cant remember) gb drive. It now has no space left, and I am wanting to move all my movies which are bluray rips onto another 2tb drive. Trouble is, when copying the files they give errors afer 4gb.. leaving 10 or so gigs left to copy (1080p movies are huge!)

    Has anyone here attempted copying there movies back from the internal drive and had success? I've decided to go for WDTV Live as a media player. Which is disapointing to have to spend more money because sony cant get anything right.

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    sensi Guest
    i tried to copy a 2gb .mp3 to my flash drive and it didnt like it, you getting the error code 8003051e ?

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    Wonderkik Guest
    What is your 2Tb drive format? Fat32? NTFS?

    If it is FAT32 you can't put a more than 4Gb file on it.

    EDIT: I just realized that if it is NTFS it won't be recognized by the Ps3...

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Based on a bit of research into this myself, unless there's a 3rd party program I'm unaware of, I'm not sure that you can.

    I too have a lot of 1080p movies on my 500gb drive in my PS3. I wish I had a way to transfer some of them to an external drive, but as said, it has to be a FAT32 format for the PS3 to recognize it and under 4gb size file...

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    iloveyou Guest
    I got that problem too, and i worked almost a week on it... i tried with FAT32 and got error too. NTSC, EXT3 and so on won't be recognized... simply said, you won't get them onto other HDD. You can try to take out HDD and to backup manualy. But its encrypted -.-

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    zoned Guest


    you will probably need to use something like this:

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