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Thread: Move controller with Tiger Woods 2011 help?

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    gullo56 Guest

    Move controller with Tiger Woods 2011 help?

    I've downloaded the patch, have the 3.5 version. The controller works to a certain point, but can not hit the ball. I go in to see if I can choose a controller in player setup but does not give me the option. Yet the controller works fine with the games that came in the package.

    Would like to know if anyone got the controller working with Tiger Woods 2011.

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    CJPC Guest
    Honestly, it's not you. I've played w/ the demo version included with my move - and to say it (Tiger Woods 2011) sucks is an understatement. The move support was poorly patched in, and it was pretty terrible. If I recall, you need to press and hold/release one of the buttons for your swing to work.

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    cackalack Guest
    as long as you've calibrated correctly the move works fine, when you swing you must follow through, it may be the way you're standing in relation to the playstation eye meaning as you swing back ur probably turning away from camera creating a blind spot (camera must be able to see move at all times), which is why your not striking ball when you swing forward, takes practice, I average 15 under using the move

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    gullo56 Guest
    Once the software update installed I could then choose the controller. Since I am on a wireless network, I turned off my laptop during this process and it worked. The laptop and ps3 may cause interference between them.

    The move controller works fine, you have to get used to the timing of releasing the button. I tried the disc golf and it reflects pretty much how I shoot a frisbee.

    So far so good, and the Tiger Woods, the putting is hard to get used to. Practice, practice etc.

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    cackalack Guest
    that's all it takes m8, the putting takes a lot longer to get the hang of but I've sunk a 55 footer with move so keep at it, you can mark best answer and close thread now as it as nowhere else to go

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