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    Jan 2011

    Smile Mouse + Keyboard mod help?

    Hello ppl,

    I don't know if this the right section but i will ask anyway..

    It's possible create one homebrew to use mouse and keyboard in games like call od duty black ops?

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    Jan 2011
    Hopefully you will find this link useful.


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    Nov 2010
    I got this as prior to my PS3 played COD on pc , however being that used to the dual shock controller now I found that I was more responsive with the controller than the mouse and keyboard , went straight on ebay at 1/2 the price :-( , just be sure before you buy maybe worth going into your local gaming shop and giving it a trial run before investing your hard earned cash

    You can also buy clip on keyboards that clip onto your controller which not sure if can be used in games but lets you message alot easier whilst playing using the controller if this is what your wanting to make easier (only about 10)

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    Sep 2008
    It currently isnt possible the only reason being is the fact that the homebrew hasn't been created, but hardware solutions exist such as this one...



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