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    Is this a movie ur dumping?

    if so there are multiple threads here that can help you...
    Let me know and i can link you to them if ur having trouble finding them.

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    yes i'm dumping a movie... wall-e ... But I try all the tuto here, and i can't get working...
    the anydvdhd rip on disk failed a 0004.m2ts file (i'ts the big file movie for sure)

    I was trying to make another ps3 iso and still the same thing, when i try to dump, it fail... i use anydvd and i am in the 21 day trial... 19 days left.

    Anyone have and idea, i can go further in the process... and all th 0000.m2ts to 0004.m2ts work in vlc

    bad dump, or new bluray that ps3 do a bad dump..


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