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Thread: Motorstorm 3 idea?

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    wicked insanity Guest

    Lightbulb Motorstorm 3 idea?

    I was just considering Mostorstorm: Pacific Rift the other day and where it had come from and where it was likely to go then I thought what would Motorstorm 3 be like...

    I thought it would be good since 1 was set in the desert and 2 is to be set in tropical rainforest, then 3 culd be Motorstorm: World Tour; in which you travel all over the world competing in various events across allsorts of terrains varying from Desert, to Rainforest to Dirt Track and Indoor events to Arctic races and Destruction Derbies etc. This idea kinda spun off from the old Burnout idea of visiting numerous location around the world.

    What do you think??

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    boricuajunkie Guest
    Sound excellent... and maybe integrate a parts-upgrade system (NFS Carbon Style).

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    ShooPooMagoo Guest

    Cool Motorstorm 3 Ideas

    I'd add bonuses. These bonuses would be accessible via a series of jumps or a special route which would require skill to reach and would also add more time to your lap, if you fail to activate the bonus, you kinda lose out.

    The route to bonuses could be idenfitied on the track via a coloured marker/arrow which would also indicate the type of bonus to be activated.

    These bonuses might appear at fairly spaced intervals so races remain as fluid as possible. Bonuses I'd include......

    The ability to activate traps for other racers. These would appear on the quicker / easier routes. So if you take the longer way round, you'll never see them. This would help to balance out the routes.

    Boost Timer
    A way to slow down your boost red-line so you can boost for longer.
    A way to speed up other racers boost red-line so it boosts for less time.

    A way for you to access shortcuts to get ahead of the game. Shortcuts would stay open for a set time, so other racers close to you can follow.

    Nartural Disaster
    e ability to 'Flood / Earthquake / Landslide / Fire / Fog / Hurricane' certain parts of the track.

    Fauna & Flora
    Animale / trees etc that inadvertantley fall / wonder across the track, causing you to wobble / crash, or causing temporary obstructions.

    Speaks for itself really. A away to take out those big rigs.

    Other Bits I'd Include

    Global Weather
    Add some weather effects to modify a track's behaviour. Wind could also be used to shift lighter vehicles through high jumps.

    Steal Vehicles
    Being able to throw someone off/out of a vehicle. You take their vehicle, they restart on / in yours.

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    SLUN1 Guest
    It is a really great game I think, a lot of much fun!

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