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    Question [UnAnswered] Most Wanted Update

    Ok well i think the most wanted update for me , is most definetly the ability to play music in the background of the Ps3. I mean comeon... XboX does it and its a cool feature, PSP didnt do it but i'd like to see the Ps3 do it. Whats everyone elses hopes / dreams in the next firmware update?

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    Not a big concern on what's playing in the background of the XMB. More important things to look forward too atm

    Would like to see better game video support for us people with max 1080i resolution TV's, eventhough my TV supports 480i/480p/720p/1080i, seeing as most games output max resolution 720p.
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    playing your own music when you play games online is the best feature ever.... I also like that the ps3 online is FREE That is the best ever.... Got I LOVE SONY >>

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    Yeah i just really want the background music to play during games that would be great...Other than that , more great games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alvarado6411 View Post
    I would like the ability to send and receive messages without having to leave my game. Do you know what I'm talking about? When we're playing a game and we get a message, we have to leave the game, i would like to check the messages by just pressing the PS button.
    Ahh, I had forgotten about that one. That is a must in my book as well

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    I agree that 1080i support would be nice. It's a bit of a pain to have to switch everything around when I start up Resistance when the default resolution is set at 1080i.

    Secondly, I'd love to have my "blue screen every time I go to audio settings" problem fixed without a format since I'm positive it's not a problem with what I've done to the hard drive (no modifications so far, I've just uploaded music and videos).

    Third, I think it would be great to be able to message/get messages in-game, although I don't often receive messages.

    Forth, Guitar Hero II support. I need my game and I've given my PS2 to my girlfriend.

    I think last and least important would be some sort of audio/video option in messages. It'd be great to be able to attach a short video or audio clip to buddy messages with the Eyetoy.
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    Would like to see better game video support for us people with max 1080i resolution TV's, eventhough my TV supports 480i/480p/720p/1080i, seeing as most games output max resolution 720p.
    I'd just like to throw something I may have stumbled across out there, but I think that in the "PS3 heirarchy" of resolutions, you'll notice that the order is

    NTSC (480i)

    So it seems that as you go down the list, Sony assumes you have support for all previous resolutions as well, and that the one you've selected is for all intents and purposes the "maximum". For example, if you select 1080i as your TVs max resolution, the console assumes you do not have 720p output and so will display 720p games in the next lowest, 480p.

    It also seems that the PS3 will choose the "correct" resolution based on what you're using it for. For example, I have 720p as the max resolution my set can display (it's not a 1080p set ) and for games it will use 720p. But, when I stick a Blu-ray movie in, it switches to 1080i. Interesting to say the least. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see when FEAR comes out (a 1080i game) whether it will use the 1080i resolution in FEAR even if my max res is 720p, or whether it will default to 720p.

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    i would like to see background know so i can download demos and stuff while i am playing or doing other stuff in the xmb

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    Angry playing music from a file share

    Id like to be able to connect to my PC / mac / samba share to play music / view videos / photos.

    I have only had my ps3 for one night, so maybe this works already, but as far as I can tell I am going to have to install linux to turn it into a good media player.

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    Yes I have had mine only a night also.

    I would like:
    - Network access to music and pictures
    - More video format support. I use Sagetv on an HTPC and would love to watch them via a network share on the PS3 also
    - Theme/background access
    - Ability to view time and date on the XMB
    - Time and date on the PS Controller screen, along with all the controllers connected and their battery power, not just one
    - Ability to zoom into a single picture or access a picture while using the cool slide show feature

    That's all for now


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