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    Jan 2011

    Most likely the cause of this ps3 system crash help?

    Scenario: The ps3 boots and the user loads an application. The user can go back to the XMB while in game, but if the user attempts to quit the game using the XMB, the system crashes and requires re-installation of the firmware.

    Other useful info:
    • Having to re-install the firmware can be avoided by cutting the power to the ps3 while in game.
    • The ps3 crashes every time the user tries to quit an application

    Is the fault with the vsh.self simply being incompatible with the firmware, the ps3 has corrupt or wrong .sprx plugins or both are at fault?

    I know I probably can't get a definite answer, but it would really help me if someone with knowledge of these things to make an educated guess.

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    Jan 2011
    HDD issue. Change it/try to repair it internally or externally. And reinstall your Firmware. Works?

    Apologizes. My answer wasn't maybe the technical answer you was waiting.

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    Jan 2011
    HDD problems, hmm, I didn't consider that. I'll test with different HDDs and see if that changes anything. Thanks.

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    Nov 2011
    I had such like issue with some games, FIFA 12 and WWE 11. While i tried to quit, my console auto-restarts itself and goes back to login screen. But i never forced to reinstall firmeware. I always used Restore File System, it worked at some point. But it seems u have bigger problems.

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    Dec 2010
    Maybe start up your PS3 system in Recovery mode and do a system file check? Maybe after that all is well again?

    Maybe your file system is corrupted or something? Maybe start up your PS3 system in Recovery mode and do a system file check? Maybe after that all is well again?

    To get into diagnostic mode do the following:

    Hold Power button down for three beeps (while PS3 is off): Enter PS3 diagnostic mode (repeat procedure twice)

    And choose options 3 and/or 4 and/or 5?

    Hope this helps out, good luck!


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    May 2009
    I had this issue some times when i was experimenting with some early version of rebug. is that what you use? i think they released an update that fixes it. not sure though. Hope it helps.

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    Dec 2011
    I don't know if i help or not in here.

    Why ? because actually some people think it's good to just repeat the works from others and take all the credits.

    Anyway the system crash because of your modification (not related to the HDD or something like) it's a problem from the loader give a internal error that can't load your task (wrong key/entry/cert) it can be everything, not only related to the vsh.

    my only help in here until some fake dev give the credit to the real devs.

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