Hi, recently bought a CECHA01 PS3 off ebay kinda cheap, with the aim of fixing it up. Kinda keen for the backwards compatibility. The symptoms listed were no video, but after a few test runs it appears the whole thing is bricked.

That is it doesn't seem to follow the normal boot up process at all. I can't even bring up a recovery menu, visible or not. (No USB either). But this could be the firmware anyway.

If i hold the power button, it will beep 3 times, turning off just after the last one.

I don't have any yellow lights of death or what ever, and the board looks pretty good. No signs of overheating around any of the important chips (melted lacquer etc).

I guess its safe to make the assumption that the NAND(s) are corrupted some how. I have read that there are usually 2 versions of the firmware stored on the NANDS, and there are 2 of these chips on the board itself.

How much can be determined by downloading the flash and having a look at it with NDT's app? Are the decryptable? Is the downgrading restricted to certain hardware revisions? I have no issues getting and soldering in an infectus chip, as there aint much else i can do.

(Not an amazing post, but you have to start somewhere here)