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    sejmon Guest

    MOH problem help please?


    I have usb "eclipse 1.2e" with hermes v4b install on it. Gaia manager 1.02, OM2.1f, BM1.1

    Problem is:

    when boot MOH(EU) start without error and update to 1.01 without error... but freezes at 0% install data. (internal hdd-500gb)

    any help?


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    g0newild Guest
    I would try it on an external hdd if this doesn`t fix this , i dunno where the problem is cause H V4-B is reported as working with MOH , maybe a bad download

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    Fireratt Guest
    MEM PATCH !!!

    L1 in Gaia, which imo is the best Manager. Hopefully someday, stuff like mem patch will be remembered for individual titles , like coverfloader and Anti_002 patching on the wii.

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    sejmon Guest
    i don`t have a mem patch in gaia 1.02... anybody??

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    Dragos05azs Guest
    i have Ps3Key/Hermes V4/GAIA MANAGER RC10... First step is to modify PARAM.SFO file from 3.42 to 3.41 (i use HEX Workshop), transfer the game to internal hdd, open gaia manager.. press L1 for patch mode, load the game, than load it again from XMB (you must have a disc in your ps3).. HAVE FUN... no update required, no eboot replacing required.

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    jinsatoemo Guest
    i got about the same config(eclips3 with hermes 4b,internal hdd 500gb,gaia v102 and moh on external) as sejmon and it's working just fine.I didn't modify anything on the sfo file as it's taken care by gaia manager automatically.No patched mode needed and must have disc inserted and started from it.Updates works just fine with it

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    sejmon Guest
    please give me link to hermes 4b.

    Now i have this hex installed: PSGroove Hermes v4B and it dosen't work. When mem patch is enabled i got just black screen, when is mem patch disabled, stick at 0% install data.

    Gaia 1.02 installed and MOH on Internal.

    sorry for bad english

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Hermes 4b
    Gaia 1.02 (with Mem Patch)
    No direct boot, boot via EmuBD (so you need any BD in the drive)
    No update download on MoH

    If you done it, it works !

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    fastprostreet Guest
    Had the exact same issue as OP.

    I had edited the sfo to 3.41 and transfered files from external drive to internal using Hermes 4b.
    Using Open Manager 2.1F

    Black screen in patch mode, 0% stall in normal mode

    After numerous hexes and managers found this to be solution...

    1. Boot with Hermes 4b hex loaded. (assuming this is what you installed files with)
    2. Install permissions fix package from USB and run it.
    3. Install latest PL3 hex (no unauth syscall)
    4. boot and launch game with any BD in drive
    5. Will install game data and plays!!

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