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    Oct 2010

    MOH Problem help?


    can anyone give me a good tutorial how to play MOH on 3.41 because i like to play it. It works not good it says error when i boot up the game i edited the sfo

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    Oct 2010
    What I did is just:

    -Installed game (BLUS30436) using OBM 1.17.1 from external to internal (patched mode).
    -Installed update 1.01 from usb-stick using Hermes V4 Install Package files feature.
    -Selected game using OBM 1.17.1 (patched mode).
    -Launched game with blu-ray inside drive.
    -All works

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    Jun 2008
    I get it working doint something different:

    1.- Use Hermes v4 or v4b payload to jailbreak
    2.- Put your copy of MoH inside your external hard drive (If you have the same game I own it will have a *.pkg file bigger than 4 Gb just skip it)
    3.- Inside Gaia Manager copy it over PC and copy it over the external drive and installed like any other *.pkg)
    4.- Run the game with "Mem Patch" in Gaia.
    5.- Enjoy

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    Oct 2010
    but when i want to start the game in patched mode it says the eboot file is not found but its in the map

    so i can delete the pkg file to put it on my fat 32 disk ?

    now when i try to play it it say install failed. but do you need to install the pkg in install package files and then i get error

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